Friday, December 13, 2013

My highlights for this year


My first highligh would be get taught a lot about maths from Mr Barks.And trying to acelerate our learning.

My second highlight is prize giving because we got to see other students from our schools items.And plus watching my friends going up on the stage on the red carpet to collect there prize.

My third highlight is going to the Athletics enter zone at the tracks  in pakuranga.Because i got to get out off class.


One of my lowlight has to be leaving this school to go off to collage.

Year 8 Camp

My highlights

1st highlight: As we arrived to the luge rides we had to get into the skyline to get to the bottom where all the luge rides.My highlight has to be the luge rides because our team had a challenge who can go past Mrs Nua until we all got to the end.Then we had to go up on the gondola in pairs or by ourselves.

2nd highlight: My second highlight  is the sheep show because they where taught professionals from one of there workers.Watching them was a amazing.

3rd highlight:My 3rd highlight at camp was staying at camp playing volley ball  in the Lodes with my friends.

My lowlights.

1.One of my lowlights has to be the food because everyone didn't have enough with one scoop.

2.My next lowlight would be the weather because it had been raining for 2 days and a halve.

3. My 3rd lowlight is siting in the bus for hours plus there was not enough air coming in side the bus

Manaiakalani reflection 2013

The thing that I enjoy having a netbook this year is being able to do research’s online when needed. Having a netbook helps me learn more online than using paper and pen.On netbooks you can do a lot of cool things, like sharing one document with a friend.Having a netbook  provides us with learning and thinking.I have learnt that when you're online and offline you are leaving footprints online.With our netbooks we get to share with people around the world our works that we have been doing.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Jessica Niue netball

Waiting for the buzzer  to go as the referee  took a huge breath in, and blow the whistle as solid as she could. We all ran into space to intercept  the ball from the middle.It started to splash with raindrops ,as the court got slippery,we all tumbled down with laughter.After it was 20 minutes the buzzer went (means 1st games over) and both teams came equally.

Laughing hard out as we got off the court,our manager of the team was furious, because we could off improved better.rounded up in a circle having a group talk about our next game.About an hour it was time for our 2nd game.

Tripping and falling, two people were injured,trying to find two players to play for our team.Leading the points we all played hard scoring  and defending getting our ball back.The time came down to 2 minutes we tried hard to keep our tally up. Beep the buzzer went we were all glad of ourselves for winning against Atoi (Niue villages).

This morning we had 40 minutes in total to write about anything exciting that happened in the holidays.Here is what i wrote aboute

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Martin Luther King

Elbow to elbow everyone was singing and marching in unison, fighting for equality for blacks.Pushing my way out through the stuffy crowd.Finally we made it to the the Lincoln Memorial, I was trying to get a better view of the statute Abraham Lincoln.I was Mesmerised!

As I was searching for my parents, my mother was calling me in such a huge voice.So I grabbed on to my little sister’s hand tightly and sprinted towards my mum. As we heard people clapping and cheering while MARTIN LUTHER KING took the stage.

The speech that MARTIN LUTHER KING did was about being equal with the white people.The words that came out of MARTIN LUTHER KING mouth was very inspirational.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So I know that 2/5 is a fraction.And I know that something has been splited into 5 parts.Now I am going to multiply something to get to 20.So i know that if i go 5x4=20 but i don't want the whole thing I only want 2 pieces of it.Then I go 2x4=8 so i know that 2/5 is 8.