Friday, May 24, 2013

Super Duper Healthy

Oklahoma City has been struck down by a tournado

A frightful tornado had just struck the Oklahoma city on Tuesday the 20th of May.Destroying homes, neighbourhoods and even suburbs.Over 145 people were injured including 70 children's, Some of these children's came from local schools. Smashed up in all kind of ways as people homes were crush into bits and pieces-by the powerful twister.

I choose this article because I thought that it would be an interesting article to share about.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Jessica and Grace Explain ready example

Jessica and Grace WILL.I.AM

Para 1:
“Guess what”did you know that there was a famous guest who came to Pt England School yesterday on the 9th of may 2013”.”I wonder who it is”i said with such a surprise. Stuck in  traffic as WILL.I.AM’s sponsors rang Mr Burt to tell him they were 5 minutes away.Doing another run through of the strive to succeed song Mr Jacobson had put together(Tall Mr Jacobson).People trying to guess who was coming saying that it was John key

Para 2: As soon as WILL.I.AM  got to point England school all the paparazzi getting ready to video WILL.I.AM. Walking in the doors and in between the crowed all the paparazzi taking pictures. Me and Jessica was so excited we couldn't wait for him to come out.

Para 3: WILL.I.AM sat down on the chair, as the kappa haka walked on the stage. After the kappa haka went off it was time for hip hop. As it is time for WILL.I.AM to say something as he walked to the front   to say a speech rewarding the maniakalani school 100,1000 dollars.