Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchuchs Earthquake

In Christchurch there was an earthquake and over 630 people past away from the huge disaster. When the houses and building fell apart people were stuck in buildings and bricks. As lots of kind people that were safe helped people, they got saved. The water tank broke and lots of water had come down on to the streets. As half of the road has been cracked, lots of people were shook. When there country had been destroyed people had called for help.

As the building had been destroyed they had no water to drink. So they tried to ring up the water tank people to come and fix there water. So that they can have fresh water to drink to servive. As there school had been destroyed from the earthquake. People had to get them out before the school falls apart and fulls straight on to the ground.


  1. Dear Jessica
    That was such a really lovely story you had put on to your blog. I would like to come back next time.
    By Alexandria Johnny

  2. Dear friend what a lovely photo that you put on your blog.And I also love your writing.
    Make sure you have shout sentences.

  3. You writing really does have a lot of feeling in it, and expresses the tragedy sincerely. I hope the money we raise on our Friday Mufti day can go some way towards helping some of the schools that were damaged.
    Keep up the good writing Jessica.

  4. Jessica,
    My name is Kelly Evans, I am a college student at, The University of South Alabama, located in the United States. I was assigned to your blog this week by my instructor, Dr. Strange.

    I was saddened to hear about the earthquake in your country. It must be really scary seeing that kind of devastation so close to home. Where I live earthquakes are uncommon, as we mostly have to worry about hurricanes. However, we did have one a couple of weeks ago not too far from where I live. It was a small one in comparison to the one in Christchuch and we didn't receive any damage.

    Your writing really expressed to me how very bad the earthquake in Christchuch was. I hope all the schools there recover quickly so the children can get back to their daily routines. Keep up the good work Jessica!

  5. Hi Kelly,
    I like your story about shopping, I like shopping too. Thank you for commenting on my blog.


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