Monday, October 14, 2013

Jessica Niue netball

Waiting for the buzzer  to go as the referee  took a huge breath in, and blow the whistle as solid as she could. We all ran into space to intercept  the ball from the middle.It started to splash with raindrops ,as the court got slippery,we all tumbled down with laughter.After it was 20 minutes the buzzer went (means 1st games over) and both teams came equally.

Laughing hard out as we got off the court,our manager of the team was furious, because we could off improved better.rounded up in a circle having a group talk about our next game.About an hour it was time for our 2nd game.

Tripping and falling, two people were injured,trying to find two players to play for our team.Leading the points we all played hard scoring  and defending getting our ball back.The time came down to 2 minutes we tried hard to keep our tally up. Beep the buzzer went we were all glad of ourselves for winning against Atoi (Niue villages).

This morning we had 40 minutes in total to write about anything exciting that happened in the holidays.Here is what i wrote aboute