Friday, September 28, 2012

My goal setting

This animation is about my goal this term.Hope you enjoy.

The three little hoods

Once upon a time there lived 3 little Riding Hood girl’s who lived in a village near the forest. One day the three hoods little sisters named Little Black Hood,Little White Hood and Little Red Riding Hood, decided that they hadn’t visited their poor grandmother for a few weeks now. So she decided that they will take some lovely treats to their grandmother. Before the three evil Hoods left the house all three of them rushed up the stairs to get there cloak’s. “Were all set” said the Little Hoods to their mother. As they were skipping towards the forest, mum yelled remember girls go straight to grandmothers and stick to the path,and do not talk to strangers while you three are walking through the forest.As the three Little Hoods yelled don't worry mum we will be back home in a minute.

When they were skipping through the forest Little Red Riding Hood and Little Black Riding Hood  noticed some lovely flowers,so they decided that they will pick a few “we have to stick to the path” said Little White Riding Hood “but it will be great if we gave grandmother some flowers” said Little Red Riding Hood and Little Black Riding Hood “ok then  said Little White Riding Hood, as they watched butterflies flying around in the air. Suddenly they noticed that a big black shadow approaching out of the tree behind them . As the hairy ugly wolf appeared beside them and said what are you three Little girls doing outside the forest in a kind voice. Noticing that only one Little Riding Hood kept their mother’s promise, her promise to them was to not talk to strangers.

Then they realized how late they were and quickly excused themself,rushing down to the path of their grandmothers house. As the three Little Hoods knocked on the door and said grandma we are here.’’oh how lovely! do come in,my dears,”croaked the wolf. When they walked into their grandmother's cottage, the three Little Riding Hoods could barely recognize her poor grandmother.

“Grandmother! your voice sounds so odd  Little Red Riding Hood said. Is something the matter?”she asked.”oh I just have a tough cold,”squeaked the wolf adding a cough at the end to prove point.What hairy skin you have grandmother as the three Little evil Hoods went closer to the edge of the bed.”The  better to eat you with,my dear,”roared the wolf and he lept out of bed and began to chase the three little hoods around the room as they screamed.” Luckily the scary tree hunter came in with a chain and a saw and chased the wolf away.”AND THEY LIVED  HAPPILY EVER AFTER THE END”.

By Jessica and TeRina 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sapasui and coco rice review.

Last week on Thursday while the year 8's were gone to tech,8 master chiefs walked down to the kitchen.But first we all setted up the class room,it felt like we were at a restaurant.Then the boys walked down to Miss Muliaumasealii car to get the ingredients.The ingredients that we used for the Sapasui was vermicelli,soy sauce,mince 5kg,onions,oil,ginger,garlic,rice, coconut cream,frozen peas and salt.First Kitiona Raenan gently rolled the mince  up into a circle ball.Then they put the mince slowly and steady into the pot of oil ,garlic and ginger so that the mince can have a better taste.Now it is time to put the onion into little pieces.At 12:30 room 22 waited out side the door for Miss Muliaumasealii  as we all sat down and  watched a Movie  that Roezala brought to school, called the laughing Samoans waiting to be served, by Roezala,Raenan,Moala and Alex.As the food arrived everybody was served as Miss Muliaumasealli blessed the food,after that everybody just relaxed and ate properly like they were in a restaurant.