Monday, November 26, 2012

The bush walk

Have you ever been to a bush walk? What a beautiful day to go for a bike ride I said to myself. As I looked up in the sky and said it is going to be a good day today with no showers of rain pouring down onto our heads.When me and my cousin Alexandria and my friends  Serena,Caroline and Vanessa went for a bike ride through the bush walks, we all felt like we were in a jungle all a forest.We stopped under a  big tree and took a rest,because it felt like the sun wanted to mount us like running  ice-cream.

Oh no here comes a corner,’’as I yelled everybody slow down’’.’’Ahrrrrrrrr somebody help me a little voice yelled from behind us’’.I knew that there was someone missing,so I went back with Serena  and saw Alexandria down in the creek blasting with tears in her eyes coverd up with mud that smelt like poo.I told serena to go and tell them to come back slowly,because I didn’t  want anything to happen to them either.I jumped of my bike and said to Alexandria’’It is going to be all right  we will get you out in a minute’’.I heard a loud voice coming from the other side of the bush so I called out Serena’s name but she didn’t answer,I went to check and guess what I saw a big dark shadow.So I jumped in the creek to Alexandria,and finally someone came it was Aleandria’s mother.She looked very disapointed in us in such away,she pulled me and Alexandria up and told us to go straight home and have a shower,because both of us smelt like yucky smelly poo.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Manaikalani film festival 2012

Although it was kind of a funny weather yesterday every single school that was tacking part of the manaiakalani film festival still managed to make there own way down to silver park.When we got there a lot of people from  Pt England School noticed some people that they possible know.We were told to sit down in our class lines and relax for five minutes as we waited patiently.Finally it was past five minutes so we were asked to stand up so that we can make our way into the cinemas. The movie was about to start in one minute as the lights turned of so dark I could barely see any one,it felt like I was the only one there.Every body went quiet when the introduction started.Unfortunately all the year 7s and 8s   from every schools except Tamaki College had to leave after we watched 20 kinds of different movies.Out of all the movies I loved the best was One Direction by Tamaki College and the test by Room 18 at Pt england School.As we came out of the theater we walked straight towards the Kathmandu store and straight down the alavater and went out through the main entrance.