Thursday, March 22, 2012

Putting up the tent

Tent fly
Tent pegs
Tent poles
Guy ropes

1.First we had to open the tent bag to get the Equipment out.

2.We had to flat the tent on the ground so we can put the tent poles in the lope.

3. Then we clipped on the clippers to attach it to the fibreglass pole.And don’t forget to tie a loop on the top of the tent so it won’t fall back down when it is windy.

4.Then when you're all done you will need to get the tent fly and chuck it over the tent so that we don’t get wet or it doesn't fly away.

5.Now you can sit inside the tent and relax inside.

Helping the year 7 and 8 camp

Helping out Mrs Flavell was so cool because we got to do a lot of jobs for 2 days.So we had to help Miss Adam with the cooking in the kitchen for the year 7 and 8 camp.First we had to butter the bread and put it in the oven as we waited until it was ready.A little wile we had to put jam on 5 trace and rape them up with the foil and tack it out to the marky.

Then we had a little rest under the big marky as we just sat down and talked for a few minutes. Then Mrs Flavell came out with a big box filled up with funny looking scons.So Mrs Flavell said can you girls butter and jam all the scones please.

The next morning we had to walk down to the reserve and give the teachers their lunch as we gave it to Mr Burt.So we walked down back to school drinking our calium to cool the burn down.As we finaly walked in to the gates and went to sit on the chiar as there was nice brezze.