Thursday, September 12, 2013

Martin Luther King

Elbow to elbow everyone was singing and marching in unison, fighting for equality for blacks.Pushing my way out through the stuffy crowd.Finally we made it to the the Lincoln Memorial, I was trying to get a better view of the statute Abraham Lincoln.I was Mesmerised!

As I was searching for my parents, my mother was calling me in such a huge voice.So I grabbed on to my little sister’s hand tightly and sprinted towards my mum. As we heard people clapping and cheering while MARTIN LUTHER KING took the stage.

The speech that MARTIN LUTHER KING did was about being equal with the white people.The words that came out of MARTIN LUTHER KING mouth was very inspirational.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So I know that 2/5 is a fraction.And I know that something has been splited into 5 parts.Now I am going to multiply something to get to 20.So i know that if i go 5x4=20 but i don't want the whole thing I only want 2 pieces of it.Then I go 2x4=8 so i know that 2/5 is 8.