Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Net-book reflection 2012

Our net-books provide knowledge that we can't get while using pen and paper.I felt blissful when Mrs Tele'a walked in to our class with a couple of brown boxes."Knowing that it was going to be such a surprise I said in my head". Comparing our net-books  this year and last year.Well to me I reckon this year my net-book has improved a whole lot better then last year because of the wireless connection that kept playing up.The good thing about having net-books is that you can go on different sites instead of surrounding Mrs Nua's laptop.The most thing that helps me with my learning is maths wizz and xtra maths.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Team Building

Crouching down on my knees as I sat down in a line as I waited to see what group I was in.Finally the group names showed up on the projector.I heard Mrs Nua's voice saying once you see what group you are in get your team mates ready.We sat down to see what our first task was.I found out that we were making something actually about Christmas".Yay ",some people said with surprise.Then it  was time for us to find a place some where in the street.Since we were the first team to get our materials ready we were the first team to get our spot first.We had only a limited time left.So we probably  rushed it but we still enjoyed our self even though we didn't come a place.

We were all asked to meet back in the street after morning tea for task two.I heard some people saying that task two was going to be really fun.Because we were going to play with sling shots.By the time the teachers all came we were all ready to head straight outside to play.Don't forget about the instructions other wise you don't know how to play the actual game."On your marks get seat go Mr Barks shouted with excitement".We were so in a rush, by the time we got near the toilets  we were in a rush because we wanted to come a place.