Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drawing a flag

I draw this flag because we had to design a flag that represents our family and my culture.


Rubric marked by my class mate Kobe.

We need a make over so that we can redesign out side room17s courtyard.
Room17s courtyard is ugly because of the drain that has a lot of mud and grass in side.Also the concrete is cracked and uneven.And that is way people don’t play in our courtyard.
Nobody plays in Room17s courtyard because there is nothing to do. Sometimes people just talk with there friends.And we have sent surveys to different people in Room18,and16.We know that people doesn't play in our courtyard because we don’t see them.

Our areas are crowded because when the fields are closed every one gets crowded conditions in the breeze and the playground.
Room17 is trying to re-make the courtyard so that we can entice people to play in our courtyard.So it is not a waste of space.