Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchuchs Earthquake

In Christchurch there was an earthquake and over 630 people past away from the huge disaster. When the houses and building fell apart people were stuck in buildings and bricks. As lots of kind people that were safe helped people, they got saved. The water tank broke and lots of water had come down on to the streets. As half of the road has been cracked, lots of people were shook. When there country had been destroyed people had called for help.

As the building had been destroyed they had no water to drink. So they tried to ring up the water tank people to come and fix there water. So that they can have fresh water to drink to servive. As there school had been destroyed from the earthquake. People had to get them out before the school falls apart and fulls straight on to the ground.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Netbook

I was wandering how to log on when to get on the internet, with out being disconnected I was confused I need the teacher to help so i could do my work as I was delight by tacking my new net book out carefully. As we were waiting for Mrs Burt to show up with our net book,we got to set up our flash looking net book we got to take it out of the box some of us had for got there password from last year.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My new netbook.

This is my new netbook that I have in year 6.

Holiday highlight

In the Holidays it was christmas we had a bbq at my house as we played gatter board we waited untile the bbq was cooked buy the time we went to my nanas house my mum called us to come and eat.

So we went when we were eating we watched alvin and the chipmunks and simpson.

After watched simpson we whent out side to jump on my friends tranpulen and we played ball tiggy on the tranpulen.