Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Net-book reflection 2012

Our net-books provide knowledge that we can't get while using pen and paper.I felt blissful when Mrs Tele'a walked in to our class with a couple of brown boxes."Knowing that it was going to be such a surprise I said in my head". Comparing our net-books  this year and last year.Well to me I reckon this year my net-book has improved a whole lot better then last year because of the wireless connection that kept playing up.The good thing about having net-books is that you can go on different sites instead of surrounding Mrs Nua's laptop.The most thing that helps me with my learning is maths wizz and xtra maths.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Team Building

Crouching down on my knees as I sat down in a line as I waited to see what group I was in.Finally the group names showed up on the projector.I heard Mrs Nua's voice saying once you see what group you are in get your team mates ready.We sat down to see what our first task was.I found out that we were making something actually about Christmas".Yay ",some people said with surprise.Then it  was time for us to find a place some where in the street.Since we were the first team to get our materials ready we were the first team to get our spot first.We had only a limited time left.So we probably  rushed it but we still enjoyed our self even though we didn't come a place.

We were all asked to meet back in the street after morning tea for task two.I heard some people saying that task two was going to be really fun.Because we were going to play with sling shots.By the time the teachers all came we were all ready to head straight outside to play.Don't forget about the instructions other wise you don't know how to play the actual game."On your marks get seat go Mr Barks shouted with excitement".We were so in a rush, by the time we got near the toilets  we were in a rush because we wanted to come a place.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The bush walk

Have you ever been to a bush walk? What a beautiful day to go for a bike ride I said to myself. As I looked up in the sky and said it is going to be a good day today with no showers of rain pouring down onto our heads.When me and my cousin Alexandria and my friends  Serena,Caroline and Vanessa went for a bike ride through the bush walks, we all felt like we were in a jungle all a forest.We stopped under a  big tree and took a rest,because it felt like the sun wanted to mount us like running  ice-cream.

Oh no here comes a corner,’’as I yelled everybody slow down’’.’’Ahrrrrrrrr somebody help me a little voice yelled from behind us’’.I knew that there was someone missing,so I went back with Serena  and saw Alexandria down in the creek blasting with tears in her eyes coverd up with mud that smelt like poo.I told serena to go and tell them to come back slowly,because I didn’t  want anything to happen to them either.I jumped of my bike and said to Alexandria’’It is going to be all right  we will get you out in a minute’’.I heard a loud voice coming from the other side of the bush so I called out Serena’s name but she didn’t answer,I went to check and guess what I saw a big dark shadow.So I jumped in the creek to Alexandria,and finally someone came it was Aleandria’s mother.She looked very disapointed in us in such away,she pulled me and Alexandria up and told us to go straight home and have a shower,because both of us smelt like yucky smelly poo.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Manaikalani film festival 2012

Although it was kind of a funny weather yesterday every single school that was tacking part of the manaiakalani film festival still managed to make there own way down to silver park.When we got there a lot of people from  Pt England School noticed some people that they possible know.We were told to sit down in our class lines and relax for five minutes as we waited patiently.Finally it was past five minutes so we were asked to stand up so that we can make our way into the cinemas. The movie was about to start in one minute as the lights turned of so dark I could barely see any one,it felt like I was the only one there.Every body went quiet when the introduction started.Unfortunately all the year 7s and 8s   from every schools except Tamaki College had to leave after we watched 20 kinds of different movies.Out of all the movies I loved the best was One Direction by Tamaki College and the test by Room 18 at Pt england School.As we came out of the theater we walked straight towards the Kathmandu store and straight down the alavater and went out through the main entrance.

Friday, October 26, 2012

This term my goal is to learn my timetables,and go back and rewrite my mistakes when I am writing a story.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Having a blast

''Wow'' on Saturday the 20th of October 2012 I went with Serena to celebrate her birthday,with Aliza,Vivienne,Mary L and Alexandria.It was a beautiful bright sunny day as we hopped in to the car and went straight  to Pak'nSave  to buy us what ever we wanted.We first told Marline that we are going to the lollies side,''and she said okay  but hurry up because you don' t want to miss the movie do yea"So we ran down to the lollies side.After that we meat Serena and Noah and her dad at the movies because there was no room for all of us in the car.So me Vivienne,Mary L and Aliza squoished up in the back seats,because there were only 3 seats.We drove off to the movies to watch PITCH PERFECT,because it looked liked a really interesting movie to watch.By the time we got there we gave $10 dollars to the laddie and then waited for our tickets,we finally got our tickets as we walked in to the cinnamon,and only saw 2 people there.I heard noise as people walked up the ramp.The movies was about to begin as the lights turned off and every thing was so dark.PITCH PERFECT was all about singing.

After that we went to lazer strick.When we got there I had butterflies in my stomach because I didn't know how to play.But instead we were called to go into a little room to watch a little clip about how to play.I felt much better because it sounded really fun when it was finish we were asked to put on a vest with lights on and a lazer  gun stuck to it.We had to challenge 10 year old boys.When they came out they were really happy.The man said start now so we ran and hid behind lots of deffrent kind of buildings.It was very hot in there like there was no fresh air in there.When it was game over we all ran out to see what the score was,when we saw the score board we came last.And the 10 year old boys came first,it felt like they always play shooting games.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Oswald and the end of the world

This term I have been reading a book about Oswald and the end of the world.I choose this book because I thought it was very interesting.My favorite part is when people comes to rescue Oswald and his wife.Because everyday Oswald and her wife always slept outside,because they didn’t have a house.Oswald wishes he had his fortune-telling farther had never been washed up on the mysterious island of idlegreen.

Friday, September 28, 2012

My goal setting

This animation is about my goal this term.Hope you enjoy.

The three little hoods

Once upon a time there lived 3 little Riding Hood girl’s who lived in a village near the forest. One day the three hoods little sisters named Little Black Hood,Little White Hood and Little Red Riding Hood, decided that they hadn’t visited their poor grandmother for a few weeks now. So she decided that they will take some lovely treats to their grandmother. Before the three evil Hoods left the house all three of them rushed up the stairs to get there cloak’s. “Were all set” said the Little Hoods to their mother. As they were skipping towards the forest, mum yelled remember girls go straight to grandmothers and stick to the path,and do not talk to strangers while you three are walking through the forest.As the three Little Hoods yelled don't worry mum we will be back home in a minute.

When they were skipping through the forest Little Red Riding Hood and Little Black Riding Hood  noticed some lovely flowers,so they decided that they will pick a few “we have to stick to the path” said Little White Riding Hood “but it will be great if we gave grandmother some flowers” said Little Red Riding Hood and Little Black Riding Hood “ok then  said Little White Riding Hood, as they watched butterflies flying around in the air. Suddenly they noticed that a big black shadow approaching out of the tree behind them . As the hairy ugly wolf appeared beside them and said what are you three Little girls doing outside the forest in a kind voice. Noticing that only one Little Riding Hood kept their mother’s promise, her promise to them was to not talk to strangers.

Then they realized how late they were and quickly excused themself,rushing down to the path of their grandmothers house. As the three Little Hoods knocked on the door and said grandma we are here.’’oh how lovely! do come in,my dears,”croaked the wolf. When they walked into their grandmother's cottage, the three Little Riding Hoods could barely recognize her poor grandmother.

“Grandmother! your voice sounds so odd  Little Red Riding Hood said. Is something the matter?”she asked.”oh I just have a tough cold,”squeaked the wolf adding a cough at the end to prove point.What hairy skin you have grandmother as the three Little evil Hoods went closer to the edge of the bed.”The  better to eat you with,my dear,”roared the wolf and he lept out of bed and began to chase the three little hoods around the room as they screamed.” Luckily the scary tree hunter came in with a chain and a saw and chased the wolf away.”AND THEY LIVED  HAPPILY EVER AFTER THE END”.

By Jessica and TeRina 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sapasui and coco rice review.

Last week on Thursday while the year 8's were gone to tech,8 master chiefs walked down to the kitchen.But first we all setted up the class room,it felt like we were at a restaurant.Then the boys walked down to Miss Muliaumasealii car to get the ingredients.The ingredients that we used for the Sapasui was vermicelli,soy sauce,mince 5kg,onions,oil,ginger,garlic,rice, coconut cream,frozen peas and salt.First Kitiona Raenan gently rolled the mince  up into a circle ball.Then they put the mince slowly and steady into the pot of oil ,garlic and ginger so that the mince can have a better taste.Now it is time to put the onion into little pieces.At 12:30 room 22 waited out side the door for Miss Muliaumasealii  as we all sat down and  watched a Movie  that Roezala brought to school, called the laughing Samoans waiting to be served, by Roezala,Raenan,Moala and Alex.As the food arrived everybody was served as Miss Muliaumasealli blessed the food,after that everybody just relaxed and ate properly like they were in a restaurant.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jessica and Roezala Cross Country

Cross Country.......

It was a beautiful sunny day.Kids all lining  up to race in our schools annual Cross Country which was held on Friday. Mr Burt called up the 12 year old girls.As I nearly approched the starting line my belly started to tingle. I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach    fluttering non stop.

Bang’! went the clippers in Mr Burt’s hand. We ran off knowing that  there would only be 8-9 spots to get  in to the inter zones. ‘Run and don’t give up I whispered in my head.’reminding me of the song Run baby Run.

Hold up Dante wait for me’ I screeched.I caught up to Toreka and asked her are we  nearly there yet? No Toreka replied, we're not even close to half way yet’ Are you serious I said’, Yes I am  said Toreka as she passed me with a fast sprint.

Squishy,slimy,thick,gross are some words to describe the mud that oozed in our shoes and splashed up our legs.The mud was  heavy like sumo wrestlers on our backs.We couldn’t lift our legs without struggling .’Oh no here comes a corner ‘ as I slipped through the muddy bush walk.
Clinching on to one another trying to keep balance and not slip of the of the path.

Coming out of the bush walk to tamaki I finally saw Ms Squires,Run girls you're doing a great job and remember champions never give up.Tyla saw  me she sprinted to catch up.We finally did our last lap to the finish line it was so close. We started to sprint to finish as a huge crowd of pt englanders shouted ‘goooooo’.

Heart pounding,Seeing that finish line I sprinted like a flash of lightning.My legs could’nt take it anymore they started to tighten up and felt like I couldn’t run but I still pushed and pushed till the end.I crossed that line and my shoulders felt much ligther a huge relifef for me.I ran to cross the line and straigth away I fell to the ground like jelly .Trying to catch my breath back , I was completly exguasted .

Cross country was finally over.Phew’. I can’t wait until next year to do it all over again at our schools next annual cross country.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Education

The thing I found most interesting in the Life Education caravan was making good choices.Like smoking at a younger age can cause lots of Consequences and negative.One thing that I learnt was that in one smoke it has 4000 chemicals. Many smokers say that the easier way to give up smoking is to never start!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic flag 2012

Have you found out when the Olympic games start and end?

The founder of the modern Olympic games, Pierre de Coubertin, also designed the Olympic flag. For the flag, he chose 6 colours red, yellow, blue, green, black and white. these colours are the colours from every country's flag. And the white of the background stands for peace and truth.
The five rings represents the five continents of the world. Each Olympics this symbol is included in the official Olympic.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My special place

My special place is the senior park because that is where I go to spend time with my friends when we have nothing to do.

The artist that I chose was Vincent Van Gogh, because I like the way he uses heaps of layers and has a special brush technique when he is painting that make his artworks very realistic.Vincent Van Gogh’s style of art is called Impressionism. The hardest part for me was trying to use Vincent Van Gogh brush strokes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jessica Character planing template

Miss Vaafusuaga is not tall but she is short, she has beautiful white teeth.And has short brown and black curly hair .Miss Vaafusuaga is a big fan of sport she has always been a busy person because she has to coach the sport teams and take them to their games.

On Thursday it was a very nice day, it was very sunny and windy as he sun shone and the wind just passed by as I started to shiver.So  we played a game of tag so that we can warm up, it was a really fun game to play.

Then  room 22 had  the opportunity to practice a new skill set, with a knowledgeable tutor called sam and Mike.First Mike and Sam demonstrated how to do a drop hunt and a hand pass,the skill that I like the best  was a drop hunt.

Yesterday we had AFL with Sam, because Mike is gone to another school.First we had to get into buddies I was with Serena,then we had to practice how to do a specii.A specii is when your buddie has to hold the rugby ball up in the air, and you have to run and catch the ball.

Then room 22 played a game we had to see who is going to be a cheetah
and who is going to be a jaguar.The game that we played with Sam was a tigy game he had to call a animal out ,for example if he says cheaters then we had to run to the other cone and the Jaguars has to try and catch the cheaters.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Taonga time

Last week on friday we had Taonga time we had to go to our groups I was in Miss vaafusuaga group.We had to go to room 24 for Taonga time. For taonga time we had a challenge we had to see which group can write down the most sports on their piece of paper.Then about a few minutes later we went out to play Basketball.

Artist style


Picasso was born in spain in 1881 on october the 25th. Picasso was a famous painter but his style was cubism and was also known all over the world.Picasso style of art is looking at different perspectives,different angles and drawings.

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse was born in December in 1869 in Le Cateau, France.Henri Matisse became a famous painter,Sculptures and graphic desighns,and he was famous in the 1900's.

vincent van Gogh

Vincen Van Gogh was a dutch painter he was the most famous painter in history but he was a little recognition and was not very famous at that time.And then he sold one of his painting.He died at the age of 37 from a gunshot.

Claude Monet was born on 14 November 1840 her artistic style makes thing look as if it is shimmering.Claude Monet was a founder of french impressionist painter.

Danielle Hulm

Danielle's very colorful paintings stand out in any situation. They are a product of her background, her own Dutch heritage and her husband's Samoan culture

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Last night on Friday the 4th of may, me and my family went for a family  dinner at "genesis khan Mongolian BBQ buffet"in botany to celebrate my aunties graduation.It was "AWESOME" because i got to chose what i wanted for my chief to cook.Then about  a few minutes later i went to get my desert which was pancakes with chocolate syrup and any flavored ice-cream YUMMY.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Last week on Tuesday the 27th of April we had rotations, because we were learning all about art.The artist we learnt in room 18 was Picasso.Picasso was born in spain in 1881 on october the 25th. Picasso was a famous painter but his style was cubism and was also known all over the world.Picasso style of art is looking at different perspectives,different angles and drawings.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last week on Tuesday we had Rotations. We had to go to Mr Barks class to learn all about art.The artist we learnt was Picasso.With Mr Barks we had to look at Picasso art work he did.His artwork was really talented because he change a lot of parts so that it can be creative.

Then on thursday we went to room 19 which was mr Slade because Mr Harris went over seas.Any way with Mr Slade we got to draw any thing we want to so I drawed a flower.And some people did flowers roses and their own cultures.

Then it was our second to last rotation and we went to Mrs Squires  class and we looked at all sort of pictures that she drew.Then we had to draw a fruit basket that had big mangos and banana.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

.Dutch painter
.Most famous paints
.LIttle recognition not very famous at that time
.1 painting sold in his lifetime
.He was born on march 30 1853
.16 years of age he went to hague
.brother theo became dealer

VINCENT VAN GOGH was a dutch painter he was the most famous painter in history but he was a little recognition and was not very famous at that time.And then he sold one of his painting.

Vincent van gogh was born on march the 30th in 1853 he was 16 when he went to the hague.His brother theo became a dealer.

Thursday, April 26, 2012



People waiting patiently, standing unified
People standing unified

A time to remember and reflect

celebrating for ANZAC day
Standing in the crowd as people just clapped as the soldiers marched left right left right
planes flying
horns blowing

We will remember them

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Putting up the tent

Tent fly
Tent pegs
Tent poles
Guy ropes

1.First we had to open the tent bag to get the Equipment out.

2.We had to flat the tent on the ground so we can put the tent poles in the lope.

3. Then we clipped on the clippers to attach it to the fibreglass pole.And don’t forget to tie a loop on the top of the tent so it won’t fall back down when it is windy.

4.Then when you're all done you will need to get the tent fly and chuck it over the tent so that we don’t get wet or it doesn't fly away.

5.Now you can sit inside the tent and relax inside.

Helping the year 7 and 8 camp

Helping out Mrs Flavell was so cool because we got to do a lot of jobs for 2 days.So we had to help Miss Adam with the cooking in the kitchen for the year 7 and 8 camp.First we had to butter the bread and put it in the oven as we waited until it was ready.A little wile we had to put jam on 5 trace and rape them up with the foil and tack it out to the marky.

Then we had a little rest under the big marky as we just sat down and talked for a few minutes. Then Mrs Flavell came out with a big box filled up with funny looking scons.So Mrs Flavell said can you girls butter and jam all the scones please.

The next morning we had to walk down to the reserve and give the teachers their lunch as we gave it to Mr Burt.So we walked down back to school drinking our calium to cool the burn down.As we finaly walked in to the gates and went to sit on the chiar as there was nice brezze.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Advance 2012

My goal this year is to get better at writing reading and maths so that I can get better at it.My aim this year is to come to school every day so I can finish of my work. I really like to do art but the thing is that I need to do a lot of drawing and sketching so that I can be come better then I was before. I need to keep on eating fruits so that I can be healthy and focused for school.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Playing netball with rm 18

Yesterday on Thursday it was a very sizzling hot day, that I couldn't play properly on the court.As the sun started to shine on my eyes I picked up my hat to get some shade.So we finally go started and we had to practice some netball skills before we had to do other things. The first skill we learnt is a outside hand pass, as we got into groups of 3.Our second skill we done is chucking the ball to the other person on the other side and we had to jump and catch the ball.Now it is time to play a game as we versed the people with the bibs on as we played ball tigey.

Netball with Liz

The next week I was hoping that we can play a another game of netball,but first we had to warm up before you start to play games. So Liz taught us our first skill just to start us off.So we had to be pairs in 3, so I was with Makalita and Andrea. As it was time to play a game we had to defend the person so that we don’t get out.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Room 22 Favorite colors

This week room 22 have been learning about statistics and this is what we have been doing.On your left you will see a graph of what room 22 favorite color.The most popular color on this chart is blue and the next popular color is purple.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012


This is a picture of what i drawed in Hyper studio stack about respect.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jessica all about me

1. My favorite thing to do is sport, but mostly I like to play soccer and rip pa rugby.

2.What I like to do mostly is to learn all different kind of work at school.

3.Also my favourite colour is purple,hot pink,yellow,green and blue because to me I think they are nice colour’s.

4.What I think about my new class room,I think room 22 is a very nice class and a nice teacher because we do fun stuff.

5.And my favourite thing to do mostly at home when I am board is riding bikes with my cousins and friends that live on my street.Because we have races,we go up ramps,we play follow the leader and go for bike rides.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What it fells like having my net book back

Finally we got our net books back as we can not stop thinking about our net books in the holidays.Now we get to do our school work on our laptop and sheets until we get our
stationary.Then after a few weeks we will be able to take our net books home so we can do home work and post things on your blogs.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What it is like in our new class room

What I think about my new is awesome because we have a really nice teacher and her name is Mrs Nua. I think she is a nice teacher because she is a very kind teacher to every one. I like being in her class room because we learn about year 7 maths that are so cool and kind of hard but we just tried our best like our little test that was about statistic.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Going to Hamilton

In the Holiday me and my family went hamilton to see the big crhristmas tree and the light it took us 3 hours and 60 minute to get there. It was really cool because it was dark that you can even see the lights that was on the trees,buildings and bushes.After that we walked up the steps were every one was as it was so crowded. so me my nana and my cousin went to see the big building where people was allowed to go in and see the 4 bed rooms also the man said this is gods play house.And then we took family pictures of all of us standing in front of the lights.After that it was time for us to go to get somthing to eat because there is another family coming and we dont want you little kids to get lost.

Monday, January 16, 2012


On Christmas me and my family stayed to celebrate Christmas at home we had a BBQ as we came back from church my unite and my uncles and my mum started to cook. Christmas a bite boring because we did not go to the beach because it was raining. Me and my sister was so excited we couldn't even wait to open our present because it was so big. As we opened our big present me and my sister said with a big excite meant wow and guess what it was it was a big TRAMPOLINE.