Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan's Earthquake

In Japan they had a tsunami over 2000 people got washed away. I have been watching about the tsunami as it was blazing out of control.The waves had gone on to the mod away and over it as the massive Waves sink ed the boat. That was just floating there.As it was going fast the Waves hit ed everyone house.

On Friday Japan had a earthquake, Lot's of people's house had been destroyed as the disaster coasted the tsunami and the wall of water was pushing the house's and car's. After when the disaster finish the house went on fire because of the power codes.

With blaze out of control the earthquake had completely damaged people's house's. As some of the house's had not been destroyed but some one's house had been on fire because of the electrical weirs. Of thousands of people had to get out of there house's as there house's were not demolish as the shatter broke into small pieces.

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