Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vote for the best Introduction

I have written two introduction paragraphs about my Easter. Please write a comment to vote for which introduction you think is best.

The best bit that I did at the birthday was decorate the cake with Mary and Alexandria we had to make a number two out of jelly beans.After that she said to us do we want to decorate the whole cake and we said yes please.

I felt very nervous when people from tyras family came over to celebrate her little son’s
birthday.When everyone arrived we started the birthday.After that I didn't felt nervous any more



  1. Hi Jessica
    nice work I like the way you made the cake
    with Mary and Alexandria.

  2. Hey Jessica that was a cool movie you made my favorite paragraph was the second because it was more interesting
    than the first one.


  3. I'm voting for the second paragraph, because you tell us about what was happening, and how you were feeling. The first introduction didn't tell me what you meant as clearly.


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